Stonington Bears Youth Lacrosse mission statement is dedicated to the kids of Stonington, CT and neighboring towns providing all of our players and members with the opportunity to discover and ultimately embrace the shared passion of the lacrosse experien

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Welcome to Stonington Bears Youth Lacrosse website!

Stonington Bears Youth Lacrosse board members are parents, business owners, past lacrosse players and coaches. We are members of the US Lacrosse Organization. Our mission statement is to provide all of our players and members with the opportunity to discover and ultimately embrace the shared passion of the lacrosse experience. Stonington Bears Youth Lacrosse offers our players the opportunity for personal growth and development by teaching the value of respect, fairness, teamwork, communication, responsibility, truthfulness, non-discrimination, honesty and integrity at all times. 

The organization is open to the youth of Stonington, North Stonington, Pawcatuck, Ledyard and surrounding areas that do not have a youth lacrosse organization.

Stonington Bears Youth Lacrosse filed under South Eastern Area Lacrosse is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

Stonington Bears Youth Lacrosse is a member of New England Coastal Lacrosse ( 

Stonington Bears Youth Lacrosse follows these principles:

  • HONOR - our game and tradition
  • RESPECT - our coaches, teammates, opponents, referees, spectators
  • INTEGRITY - work hard and play fair
  • PRIDE - in what we accomplish and who we are

COVID Statement and Action Plan

Dear Parents,

First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. As required by our local towns and US Lacrosse, we have put together a COVID Action Plan. This plan takes into consideration following CDC, CT DPH and CIAC guidance and regulations to protect players, families, and our community.

The health and safety of our athletes, officials, and volunteers remain our highest priority. Below, you will find a summary of actions we are taking to help ensure we are lowering COVID-19 risk as much as possible while also allowing our athletes to play. We are:

  • Requiring all parents to sign a waiver acknowledging the risks associated with playing lacrosse and COVID-19.
  • Providing additional hand hygiene stations with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes at our fields for any equipment sharing that may occur.
  • Reducing physical closeness or contact between players when possible during practices by allowing players to focus on building individual skills, encouraging safe distancing when not actively in drills, and discouraging unnecessary physical contact such as high-fives, handshakes, fist bumps, and hugs.
  • Coaches may help players with equipment only while wearing appropriate PPE. Coaches will stay at least six feet from any individual when using a whistle.
  • Requiring that coaches, youth sports staff, officials, parents, and spectators wear a face covering during practices and games.  As a reminder, face coverings should not be placed on children younger than 2 years of age, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cover without assistance.
  • Requiring all players to wear a face covering at all times. For those players who cannot don a mask while on sidelines, we will enforce a 6 foot space rule. Mask wearing will be continuously reviewed with DPH and is subject to change.
  • Potentially limiting spectators. Spectators must observe social distancing. Spectators from different households must remain separated.
  • Requesting that players do not arrive at the field more than 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled activity and depart promptly upon completion of the activity.
  • Requesting that players arrive at practice and games prepared to participate without the need to use a locker room or bathroom to the extent possible.
  • Hydration/Food - All students must bring their own, clearly marked water bottle. Water bottles must not be shared. Food must not be shared.
  • Limiting the sharing of equipment except when necessary, such as goalie equipment, that will be wiped with disinfectant before and after use.
  • Adjusting the rules of the game in accordance with CT DPH, CDC, and CIAC guidance.
  • In order to ensure cohorting, “playing up” will not occur.  Our teams will not scrimmage each other and younger players will not be asked to temporarily join another team for a game. For this year, the team a player is assigned to is the team the player will play with exclusively.

Anyone who is sick or has been in contact with someone who has COVID-19— including players, family members, coaches, staff and spectators — should not attend practices or games. Be on the lookout for symptoms of COVID-19, which include fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Call your doctor if you think you or a family member is sick.

If a player does get sick during practice or at a game, that player will be isolated and a parent or family member must transport that player off of the field ASAP.

If a player tests positive for COVID-19, the league president/Safety Officer must be notified by email, with the estimated date of the infection. The league will then be able to conduct some level of contact tracing.

Anyone who becomes sick or is required to quarantine due to contact tracing, will not be allowed to return to practices or games for the full 10 day quarantine period and a negative test result if the person has tested positive for COVID-19 as well as a note from a physician clearing the player to resume participation.

If you have a specific question about this plan or feel as though you may not feel comfortable complying with this plan, please contact the me for more information.  We appreciate your cooperation and compliance with these steps as we work to provide the best spring season we can for our players and their families. We are looking forward to seeing you all on the field! Go Bears!!!

Take care,

Stephanie Mastroianni



Financial aid for registration fees and loaner equipment is available.  Please contact the Stonington Bears President or Registrar for details.

2021 Registration is Open!!!

Allowing our children to return to play safely is our top priority!  We will be following all Return to Play guidelines ( from US Lacrosse, the CDC/DPH, and the CIAC as well as following the guidance and protocols set forth from our towns and schools.  The structure of our season will be fluid and we will adapt as necessary. Things will look and feel differently this year and it will require patience and understanding from parents and players as we accommodate changes to allow our children to continue to play lacrosse.

Here is a summary of the total fees for this year:

Instructional and 8U- $80

Includes insurance, team t-shirt, and equipment to be used for the season.

10U, 12U, 14U- $175 for the first child in the family, $150 for the second child, and $125 for the third and subsequent children.

These rates include US Lacrosse Insurance and a personalized uniform.

Uniforms for 10U, 12U, and 14U have been redesigned and are included in this year’s registration fees! They are reversible and customized with your player's  name.  Please consider ordering the uniform large enough so that it will last your player for 2 years.


Lacrosse Spring Season 2021

***Please keep in mind that this information is subject to change***

Practices for U10-U14 players have a rough start date of the weekend of 4/9. That is subject to the fields in Stonington being open.  Field opening is totally weather dependant and is changeable based on the amount of rain we get.  There may be some fields that open earlier than others and we will do our best to get kids out on the field before that date if possible!

Practices for U8 and Instructional players may start as early as Saturday 3/27.

Below are the tentative practice schedules and names of the head coaches. Please note- these can change. It is also important to note that some of these schedules include anticipated game times and some do not.  This is just meant as a general guide for parents. Your child's coach will provide you much more specific information including field locations.

Girls U8/Instructional (Deb Dempsey) - Sunday afternoons

Girls U10 (Elke Bellet) - MW 5:30-7 

Girls U12 (Kate Reagan) - TR 5:30-7

Girls U14 (Chris Logel) - MF 5:30-7; Sat 10-11:30

Boys Instructional (David Driscoll) - Sat 8:30-9:30

Boys U8 (Paul Lagasse) - T 5-6; Sat 8:30-9:30

Boys U10 (David Driscoll) - MW 5-6; Sat 11:30-12:30

Boys U12 (DJ McBain) - MWF 5:30-7

Boys U14 (AJ Massengale) - MWF 5-6:30

We have an amazing group of motivated coaches this year who are so excited to get our kids back on the field! 

Obviously the biggest consideration as we prepare for this year is safety. Recently the CIAC has put out their guidance for spring sports. Last week DPH/CDC released theirs.  Additionally, we have to take into consideration guidance from US Lacrosse and the town of Stonington. We are hard at work assimilating all of that information into our COVID Action Plan and working with other teams in our local leagues to keep things consistent.  There are many unknowns and questions. We want to make sure that everything is done properly and, as we all have come to learn over the last year, everything can change quickly. We appreciate your patience as we work to put together the safest, best lacrosse season that we can for our players.

Here is what we do know:

*We can have a real season!

*We have no restrictions on what teams we can play.

*While normal attendance will be allowed at games, social distancing of families is a must.

*Cohorting of our teams will be important.

*There will be rules in regards to food and drink.

*There will be contract tracing forms.

*Masks will be required for everyone on the field, all of the time.  The only possible exception is for a player while they are actively playing (this is still being determined).

I will provide you with all of the details as soon as they are finalized and approved. What is very clear is that following all of the protocols is essential. While we all have varying opinions and comfort levels, it is important to note that our COVID Action Plan is put in place so that we are in compliance with the state, with the town and with our insurance company.  There is not room for deviation from these rules and we ask that regardless of your feelings about them that you comply and require your child comply. We all have waited so long and worked so hard to get our kid back on the field! Compliance with these protocols will allow us to have a season and noncompliance will certainly endanger that.

With all of that being said, we are looking forward to an amazing lacrosse season!!!

Equipment needs:

Boys - helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, lacrosse stick, cleats
Girls - goggles, mouth guard, lacrosse stick, cleats

*Equipment is provided for Instructional and U8 players

In this website, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our club.

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